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Science and Technology on Plasma Physics Laboratory, Laser Fusion Research Center, CAEP

Qingdao University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Institute of Fluid Physics, CAEP

institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
Journal of Matter and Radiation at Extremes
Peking University
Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University
Collaborative Innovation Center of IFSA, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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  Laser-and Particle Beam Fusion, Magnetic Driven Fusion

  • Laser fusion physics
  • Particle beam fusion physics
  • Z-pinch fusion physics
  • Experiments and diagnostics
  • Other fusion approaches


  Fundamental Physics at Extremes
  • Atomic physics, nuclear physics and plasma physics at extremes
  • Radiation-and high energy particle generation
  • High pressure materials science
  • Ultra-intense laser plasma interactions
  • Laser accelerator


  Laser and Pulsed power technology
  • High power laser technology
  • Ultra intense laser technology
  • Laser and pulsed power technology
  • High power microwave/millimeter-wave/terahertz technologies
  • Related numerical simulation and computation technology



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